A new magazine about the things that make New York New York.

The Magazine

NY_____. is pronounced "ny underscore." It is a vaguely quarterly magazine that publishes short and very short fiction and creative nonfiction, poetry, art and photography all based on that issue's theme. Each issue's theme is an aspect of living in New York; the first issue's theme was "apartments," so everything in that issue is on the topic of apartments in New York.

NY_____. is a full-size, glossy publication and is available for non-New Yorkers to purchase on magcloud.com and for New Yorkers to purchase in other select NYC stores (or on magcloud.com, if they want--it's cheaper). The first issue, Winter 2012, was launched in December 2011.

NY_____. is steadfastly, anachronistically, luddite-ly, and quixotically a print publication (though if you hate paper, there is an option to purchase a PDF on the magcloud site), so we do not offer content from the magazine on the website. Online magazines can be great (our publisher used to publish one, for instance), but this isn't one.

The Publisher

The person behind NY_____. is Laura Podolnick, writer, publisher of previous magazines, and by day, planner of transportation. That's me. Hi. I love cities--especially New York--and very short pieces of prose. And poems. And photos. I hope you like the magazine.