A new magazine about the things that make New York New York.

Submission Guidelines

Each issue of NY_____. focuses on a different aspect of living in New York City. The magazine publishes short prose pieces--fiction and creative non-fiction--poetry, photography, and art all on the topic of that issue's theme.

The inaugural issue's theme was "Apartments." The second issue's theme was "Jobs." The third issue's theme was "Dating." The fourth issue's theme was "Money." The fifth issue's theme was "Transportation." You will notice that we only published pieces on the topics given. We got so mad at people who submitted work about other things. The sixth issue's theme is crime. CRIME! THE THEME OF ISSUE SIX IS CRIME! Therefore, we are ONLY seeking submissions related to crime in New York City--committing a crime, witnessing a crime, being a victim of a crime, anything about any sort of crime that takes place in New York City. Fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, photography, art--if it's about crime in New York City, we want it. But nothing else--nothing about crime in places that aren't New York, and nothing that just takes place in New York and doesn't involve a crime in some way. Don't make us mad.

Fiction and creative nonfiction should be up to about five hundred words (though this is a fairly loose limit, and we occasionally publish pieces up to 1,000 words). Poetry should not exceed about 40 lines. Please submit your writing in a word document, titled Yourlastname_Yourfirstname_ISSUE6.

Photography and Art:
Photographs should be no less than 300dpi. Drawings, collages and mixed media should be scanned at 300dpi as well. Please submit photographs and art as jpegs, titled Yourlastname_Yourfirstname_ISSUE6.

Feel quite free to use our submissions manager, or email submissions to ny.underscore@gmail.com. Please note the submission category (fiction, nonfiction, photography, art) in the subject line of the email. No more than three submissions per person, please. The deadline is April 9th. Payment for acceptance is a PDF of the magazine (For issues one and two, payment was a hard copy of the magazine, but that got too expensive too fast. While the goal of this magazine was never to make money, it certainly can't lose money).